The Entrepreneurship Program of the Reimagine Textile is a program of high performance accompaniment for entrepreneurs with a business idea in the textile sector (clothing, sports, accessories, home and industry fashion) open to incorporating technological innovation such as competitive advantage.

It is aimed at entrepreneurs of the textile sector with a clear vocation of innovation that want to launch their business idea or value proposition in the market: incorporating smart fabrics that provide solutions to the needs of the market, innovating in the conception and Product design, or making a technological bet to lead a market segment.

A specialized accompaniment program in the sector, in connection with the local industry and technological advice.

Do you want to transform your idea? What could be your value proposition?

Incorporate innovative or technical fabrics

Innovation in design that provides new solutions

Combining technology and fashion #fashiontech

Success case: Fashion design with 3D technology

Urban fashion design based on 3D printing technology that prevents the generation of waste.

This project has been the winner of 4 contests in 2018 for its perfect combination of technological innovation and sustainability: 9th edition of the Samsung Ego Innovation Project, “Fashioning Sustainability” Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel, the best technological startup in the 4th edition of the 080 Investor Day and 2nd prize at the 18th edition of the Creatco TecnoCampus Awards ”

“The program has helped us to have more business knowledge, we have created synergies with people in the sector and helped us to realize our project.”