The Reimagine Textile program offers companies that want to innovate in the textile field a complete competitive intelligence service that will allow you to have analytical information and trends in the textile sector.

This service, subsidizing for the company, is managed by experts in the field of technological and business innovation and the textile sector and includes:

Analytical and trendsetting services in the textile sector

A systematic study of technological surveillance and innovative strategic prospective available on the web.

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Development and publication of a benchmarking studyof the current situation of design industries, at the international level, as a framework for the implementation of the surveillance platform.

Access to the Cooperatextil, a platform of manufacturing solutions made up of workshops and companies that offer the full range of services in the textile sector.

As a complement, and to foster the capacity to innovate collaboratively inside and outside the region, will be carried out: workshops and seminars with experts that are sectoral benchmarks.